HSP 1+2 - Solar Hygienic accumulators

From 500 to 1.500 liter available

The solar hygienic accumulator is perfectly harmonized with hargassner control- & hydraulic schemes. Beside of the integrated return spread sheed, a variable sensor positioning and hygienic heating of hot domestic water, the accumulator provides a very efficient solar heat exchanger.


  • Return spread sheet for efficient accumulator
  • Legionella-resistant heating of drinking water in continuous flow and best furring protection
  • Sensor strip for easy and flexible installation
  • Bottom or bottom & top positioned heat exchanger for best solar integration

Available with a bottom or bottom & top positionend solar heat exchanger. With a bottom positioned solar heat exchanger you can easily realise a solar connection and the top positioned heat exchanger is needed to heat up hot domestic water quickly and the bottom solar heat excahnger is responsible for complete loading of the accumulator.