Neo-HV 60 kW

Wood Log Boiler

State of the art technology for 205.000 BTU/h optimised for optimum ease of operation and maintenance.

Small, compact design, all-round gasifier
Wood log boiler: Filling chamber size for 1/2 m logs
Installation up against 3 walls
Easy installation, maintenance access from front and top only

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This low-temperature wood log boiler is especially suitable for detached houses, multi-dwelling units, acriculture and forestry.
Also available as a wood log pellet combi boiler!

  • Small, compact design!
  • Filling chamer size for 1/2 metre log
  • Large filling door 346 x 382 mm
  • Sophisticated wood gasification technology
  • Fully cased and wired - easy installation
  • New, optimised combustion technology
  • Overhead smoulder gas slot
  • Lambda sensor with autom. fuel-quality detection
  • Automatic boiler cleaning system
  • Smart Touch screen
  • Highly-efficient insulation
  • Filling chamer lighting as standards
  • Efficient auger turbulators for optimum heat exchange with longitudinal guide
  • Highest Efficiency


  • Unique automatic ceramic ignition (opt.)
  • Particle separator (opt.)