Hargassner Heating Containers

The perfect space for your boiler room and fuel storage

An eco-friendly biomass heating system sounds great, but it doesn’t fit into your space? Hargassner has the perfect solution: Our heating containers efficiently store your pellets heater or wood chip boiler alongside your biomass fuel. 

The advantages of Hargassner heating containers

  • combination of boiler and storage rooms
  • cost efficient & space saving 
  • large capacity due to double and triple heating containers
  • various design options
Heating containers - best combination of plant room and storage room
Heating containers - best combination of plant room and storage room

Flexible layout with single- or double heating containers

The flexible heating container solutions by Hargassner efficiently store your heating systems and biofuel supply. Depending on the individual requirements, the heating containers can be provided with one or two stories and various single, double, or triple constellations of compartments. Boiler rooms and storage rooms for your wood chips or pellets for heating are combined depending on your needs. Automatic refuelling systems can be implemented for maximum efficiency.

Different design versions ensure that the smart heating modules blend in with your main building. Be it for new or refurbished buildings, the modular heating containers are highly adaptable and easily assembled. Concrete heating containers are a popular choice for public buildings, industrial enterprises, hotels, and shared housing communities.