Eco-HK 150-200 kW

Wood Chip Boiler

State of the art technology from Austria 510,000-680,000 BTU/h

New grate system: rotary step grate
Cost-effective due to Eco-Mode
Latest combustion technology Eco-Control
Patented ash extraction system for fly & grate ash

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The wood chip boiler designed by Hargassner for the medium and large output range is especially recommended for farmers, in multi-family houses, public buildings and other industrial institutions.

  • Cost effective due to Eco-Mode
  • Triple fuel boiler: pellet, wood-chip, miscanthus
  • New Eco-extraction: energy-saving through 0.37 / 0.55 kW-Motor
  • Latest combustion technology Eco-Control

  • Firebed level control with Lambda sensor and automatic fuel quality detection
  • Z-shaped bicameral rotary valve for 100% burn back protection
  • Patented ash extraction system for fly & grate ash 
  • Flame temperature monitoring & one adjustable secondary air motor



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