SP - Accumulator

From 500 to 5.000 litre available (up to 27,500 litres on demand)

Perfect fitting in all details for Hargassner control & hydraulic schemes. A special feature is the return spread sheet, that enables most efficient accumulator utilization. An integrated sensor strip guarantees a boiler-depending and exact positioning of the sensor to optimise all control processes.


  • Return spread sheet for efficient accumulator utilization
  • Sensor strip for easy and flexible installation

All Hargassner accumulators are equiped with 2 x 90° separated connection strips with each 4 connection sleeves. They can be used parallel easily. We offer a 45° mounting position - means the accumulators can be positioned next to each other - lowest space requirements. We offer a high quality  fleece insulation (free of FCKW) with 100 mm / 120 mm and a stable grey hard cover.