Hargassner Wood Chip Storage Systems

For every need the perfect individual solution

A key aspect when realising a wood-chip boiler is the planning of the storage room. We offer the perfect individual solution  - no matter if the storage is in the house or the workshop, in the basement or on the first floor.

The storage should be as big as possible and as small as needed. To consider the planning of the whole boiler set-up in a separate building, can be a good solution due to easier refilling possibilities. Have a look on our heating modules.


Auxiliary building

Heating room and storage room in an auxiliary building. The refuelling of the storage room occurs directly from the chipper or from a tractor with front-loader.

On ground floor & 1st floor

The refuelling occurs through Hargassner's vertical filling system including auger trough and wood chip ejector. The chips fall via a elongated drop shaft into the stoker auger.

In the basement

Heating room and storage room in the basement of the residential building. The refuelling of the storage room occurs through Hargassner's horizontal filling auger on the ceiling with external shaft.

District heating service

Independent building for heating room and storage room. Storage room is recessed on basement level for easy refuelling.