Hargassner - your eco-friendly boiler supplier

A pioneer among heating manufacturers

Hargassner was established in 1984 with the aim to optimize biomass heating systems. This pioneering spirit remains and our urge to be the top boiler manufaturer still persists to this day. It is our vision to achieve both customer satisfaction and sustainability with our products. We are proud of more than 39 years of experience and of more than 140,000 satisfied clients all over the world.
Combining customer satisfaction and environmental friendliness are our primary goals. These main attributes of our company philosophy pave the way to a successful future as the top eco-friendly boiler supplier.


Hargassner - the future-oriented boiler manufacturer 

Lowest emissions and highest efficiency, maximum comfort and longevity characterize the biomass heating manufacturer Hargassner. We do not hesitate to re-evaluate the tried and tested elements of our products to launch even better versions tomorrow – providing you with state-of-the-art pellet boilers, wood chip boilers, heating containers and more.  The emphasis on research and quality management is our modern understanding of tradition.

Additional to Europe, we want to support North America in reaching emission targets as a renown eco-friendly boiler supplier. With exports representing 75% of our annual turnover, we make the environmental advantages of biomass fuel widely accessible.


  • Wood Chip and Pellet-Boilers from 2 to 330 kW (Cascade up to 2 MW)
  • 140,000 operating boilers
  • 25,000 boilers per year
  • International success
  • Export to more than 42 countries

The expert heating manufacturer in North America

Hargassner expanded to North America almost 20 years ago. In recent years, a great deal of time and energy has been invested in building up a local infrastructure - ensuring that your needs are fulfilled by your boiler supplier Hargassner. Order processing has been improved further by optimizing internal processes. To meet the demand of North America dedicated production lines have been established. Thanks to our local partners we are able to offer our clients excellent customer support coupled with an efficient service structure. We are the future of boiler manufacturers and this is the future of Hargassner in North America.