Biomass Fuel: Wood Chip

Crisis-Resistant local fuel

For the production of wood-chips, residual wood from domestic forests and wood from the sawmill industry is used. The wood waste material should ideally be stored for one year in breezy and sunny conditions. In autumn, the wood can be chipped and stored.

Farmers and forest owners use wood chips for their own heat production or supply wood to local companies or public buildings.

Advantages: Industries and public facilities

  • Cost-efficient fuel with maximum comfort
  • Crisis-resistant: Local fuel
  • Independent from oil and gas
  • Delivery through regional partners
  • Value creating in the local economy
  • Efficient and Eco-friendly Wood Chip Boiler

Wood-Chips are the best way of heating, compared to fossil fuel or Electricity/Heat Pumps.

Advantages: Forest-owners and farmers

  • Use of Residual Wood
  • Additional income through selling wood chips
  • Minimal workload through automatic chip production
  • Maximum workload reduction through a fully automatic heating system
  • Efficient and Eco-friendly Wood-Chip Boiler

Wood-Chips according to ÖNORM M 7133:

Specification ÖNorm M7133 EN 17225 Class A1 - B1
Heating Value 4 kWh / kg at 25% W 4 kWh / kg at 25% W
Weight 200 - 250 kg / m³ 200 - 250 kg / m³
Size G 30 / G 50 P16S - P31S
Water Content w 20 - 35 % M 10 - M 35
Energydemand for production: Approx. 1,8-2% of energy-content