Biomass - the eco-friendly fuel

Heating carbon-neutrally with biomass

Biomass boilers are enjoying increasing popularity – not only thanks to the advanced technologies, which ensure modern, comfortable heating, but also thanks to the eco-friendliness of the fuel that they use - wood.

From pellets to wood chips to wood logs: Biomass is made of residual wood from domestic forests and wood from the sawmill industry. In this way, the local economy is promoted, and waste wood is recycled in a sustained matter.


Treating nature with care and caution is part of our philosophy. Therefore, it is even more important for our future generations to choose the correct heating system and the right fuel. From an ecological and economic perspective, heating with wood is the most natural raw material for this purpose.

Through processing, wood chips can be produced very efficiently from wood waste, and pellets are made from the fine fractions. If you care about the environment and the future of our descendants, the fuel wood is the future of us all.

The advantages of Pellets

Pellets are made of 100% natural wood without any additives. Pellets are, because of locally sourced fuel, crisis resistant and carbon-neutral. They are dust-free, odorless refilled and need only small storage volume. Canada produces 4 million tons of pellets per year but is exporting 3.8 million tons to the northern of Europe or Japan. High amounts of high-quality biomass fuel would actually be ready right in front of the doorstep. Some advantages of pellets are:

  • Lower costs than oil or gas
  • Crisis-resistant, because of locally sourced fuel
  • Short transportation
  • Easy refueling through blown pellet delivery
  • Dust-free, odorless refill, small storage volume
  • Effective and energy-efficient heating system

Furthermore, pellet boilers are nowadays characterized by state-of-the-art heating technologies, which guarantee efficient, sustainable, and reasonably priced heating.

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The advantages of Woodchips

Wood chips are the most inexpensive fuel for heating systems compared to fossil fuels.

For the production of wood chips, residual wood from domestic forests and wood from the sawmill industry is used. The wood waste material should ideally be stored for one year in breezy and sunny conditions. In autumn, the wood can be chipped and stored.

Farmers and forest owners use wood chips for their own heat production, or supply wood to local companies or public buildings. Some of the most important advantages of wood chips are:

  • Use of residual wood
  • Minimal workload through automatic chip production
  • Max. workload reduction through a fully automatic heating system
  • Effective and energy-efficient heating system
  • Cost-efficient fuel with maximum comfort
  • Increased energy security
  • Independent from oil or gas
  • Additional income through selling woodchips

With highest efficiency and performance levels, wood chip boilers by Hargassner are powerful and money-saving all at once.

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