Efficient Agitation System

Cost-saving agitator system by Hargassner

Due to the very low driving power and the highly efficient and robust spur gear, the Eco-RA agitator is very energy-efficient and reduces the customer's energy costs. Saving up to 67 % may be reached compared to conventional agitation systems. This impressive gear box with an efficiency of over 90% has replaced the traditional worm gear. The modular design ensures easy handling of the auger, trough and removable covers.


Depending on the agitation system, the maintenance is highly cost-effective or even free for our customers.

You can choose between a 3-blade system and a 4-blade system. The auger with the new conveying shaft is suitable for wood chips of type G50 and ensures that no material gets stuck. All agitator systems by Hargassner are highly efficient and have low friction loss.

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Spur gear

  • Low friction loss with all auger heatings
  • High efficiency


Lowest energy consumption


67 % Energy savings!

Z-shaped bicameral rotary valve


100% burn-back safety

Modular system


Flexible, auger extension from 400 to 2,000 mm, fast and cost-effective maintenance

Eco-RA extraction system

  • Extremely robust
  • Durable and failsafe
  • Maintenance-free

3-blade system

  • Special spring blade layout up to Ø 4 m
  • Power-saving gear ration 1:16

4-blade system

  • Special spring blade layout up to Ø 4.5 - 5 m
  • Power-saving gear ration 1:25

No load disc

  • Disc remains unmoved until springs are under the disc
  • Half effort
  • No hollow

New wood chip inlet blade

  • Optimum material supply
  • More material in the auger shaft
  • Less force needed

New conveying shaft and auger

  • Generous dimensions
  • No stagnation of material
  • Suitable for wood chips G50