Fully automatic heating system with remote control via phone or tablet

Latest biomass heating systems - lowest maintenance
and long operational life guaranteed
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WE WANT YOU to be part of the Hargassner success story!

We are looking for contractors & distribution
partners all over Canada + USA!
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Reduce your carbon footprint!

Cost-efficient fuel by use of residual wood
Save money and cut carbon out of your heating
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WE WANT YOU to be part of the Hargassner success story!

We are looking for contractors & distribution
partners all over Canada + USA!
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Experience the world of heating systems with Hargassner

The future of sustainable heating is focusing on CO² - neutral biomass heating technology. Hargassner is developing and manufacturing fully automatic wood pellet heatings, wood chip boilers and wood log boilers with main emphasis on:

  • Maximum reduction of heating costs
  • Maximum flexibility with remote control for your boiler heating
  • Maximum comfort for customers 

Hargassner provides the technological advantage and the best heating technologies of its own development to all people worldwide.

Our biomass boilers

Make use of tremendous incentives in your region! Up to 70 % financial support on EPA/CSA certified heating system is possible! Get in contact with our business partners - they will be able to support you with more detailed information.

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Environmentally friendly heating

"The delivery of pellets or wood chips smells like christmas", was the statement of one of our satisfied clients. It's the smell of wood, made of residual wood from domestic forests and wood from local mills that make your heating solutions as unique as they are.

Environmental impacts:

The carbon that is released by pellet or wood-chip boilers is already in the active carbon cycle in form of trees. Our heating technologies are moving in this cycle and are not producing any new carbon that is emitted to the atmosphere compared to boilers that use fossil fuel.

  • Environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral
  • Local economic impacts: new jobs, supplying the forest rangers 
  • Lower heating costs than oil or gas

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New Headquarters
in North America



Biomass specialist and boiler manufacturer Hargassner celebrates its 20th anniversary in North America with the announcement of major investments in building its local infrastructure.

Hargassner has established a new company, Hargassner North America Inc. and opened a new North American headquarters located in Toronto, Ontario.

In addition the company invested in local warehousing and hired local staff as part of its overall commitment to meet the needs of its American and Canadian customers and distribution partners.



Las Vegas 2023


IBS is the most important construction exhibition in North America. We have been participating in order to bring our equipment to a tremendous amount of audience. Yes we did it - we see a growth in interest in our technology.

Consumers and companies are searching for solutions in order to improve their carbon footprint as well as to reduce their costs for heating.





SF 2022


Thousands of sustainability professionals travelled to the Moscone Center in San Francisco / USA sharing a new approach on what it means to be green.
Hargassner has joined the interesting exhibition and conference as well.

With expertise of 40 years we have been glad to bring knowledge about energy transition with the most natural source of energy - wood -  to a highly interested audience.


More advantages of biomass